Rainbow Melon Cake

This colorful and fun dessert only has 4 ingredients. It requires no cooking, just a good, sharp knife and some cold Anita’s Yogurt. I have to admit, I tried to get cheffy and fancy-up the yogurt with vanilla and syrup but the results were so much better just using yogurt straight out of the cup! I love that my yogurt is thick and rich enough to stand in place of traditional frosting. Instead of processed fats and sugar you get probiotics, potassium, and good coconut fat! Just be prepared for the yogurt be more drippy than frosting. They key to getting this right is to frost with confidence and a big offset spatula. (Years as a pastry chef come in handy, too!).

Simpler version: If you’re not feeling confident in your frosting skills, just frost the top of each layer, leaving sides exposed, and serve extra yogurt dollops alongside. If you’re not confident in your knife skills, for a less fussy assembly, go ahead and leave the seeds in the cantaloupe and honeydew. Your guests can remove the seeded portion from their individual slice.

Rainbow Melon Cake
(serves 6)

1 large cantaloupe
1 large honeydew
1 medium seedless watermelon
32 oz Anita’s Yogurt (keep chilled until last minute)

Slice a 2.5 inch section from the center of the cantaloupe. Carefully remove the rind. With a round cutter, remove the seeds from the center. Slice a 1.5″ thick section from the leftover cantaloupe top. Cut a round of melon from it that fits snugly inside the seed cavity. (Safest bet it to cut slightly larger than cavity.) Repeat with bottom section of cantaloupe. Fit the two 1.5 inch thick rounds inside the seed cavity of the cantaloupe layer. Cut melon balls from remaining scraps. Refrigerate the cantaloupe layer and balls while you prep remaining layers.

Slice a 2.5 inch thick section from the center of the honeydew and use the cantaloupe layer as a guide to trim away the rind so that they are the same diameter. Repeat the layer assembly process of the cantaloupe. Slice an equally-sized round from the watermelon, and use the cantaloupe as a guide to trim away rind so that they are the same diameter. (Do not remove the center.) Layer the watermelon, the honeydew and then the cantaloupe on a cake plate. Make sure all layers are cold and dry before frosting. (You can place the assembled layers in the freezer for a few minutes if necessary.)

Remove first container of cold Anita’s Yogurt from the refrigerator. With a large offset spatula, spread a base coat of cold yogurt over the top and sides of the cake. Chill for 30 minutes.

Remove the remaining yogurt and the cake from the refrigerator and spread a top coat of Anita’s Yogurt over the top and sides of the cake. (If you want to see some good offset spatula technique for smooth frosting check out this YouTube tutorial). Decorate with melon balls. Slice and serve immediately.

anita shepherd melon cake

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