Q & A with Sculptor Cheon Pyo Lee

This Summer at Manhattan’s Doosan Gallery, the Contemplation Exhibition features sculptor Cheon Pyo Lee, who used some of Anita’s Yogurt discarded materials in the curation of his pieces for the exhibition. Check out our Q & A with Cheon below and catch the exhibition at the Doosan Gallery through August 25th!

How did Anita’s Yogurt materials inspire your artwork?

As a sculptor I tend to pay attention to objects in my surrounding area.
Earlier this year I became a resident artist at ISCP program, a neighbor to Anita’s yogurt. We have a communal recycling bin and Anita’s Yogurt puts out the cleanest packed cardboards. I know for fact that many of us artist in the building use materials from Anita’s Yogurt.


In which pieces did you use our discarded materials?

Recently I started noticing green plastic boards, sometimes there would be few, sometimes more. I had picked a few because it is light weight and hard material. Pretty expensive if you were to buy new. When I got offer to show this summer, I decided to use this new found material for a mural work that I had planned. initially I was not sure if I would have enough supply to finish the project. But magically some other artist who had taken same board were nice enough to share it with me.

What inspired your current theme of “Contemplation?”

The theme of show is based on Kafka’s short stories, we are three artist with different interest and background. But somehow the works worked as a constallation, connecting one theme to the other, eventually building a grand narrative through this group show.